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     It is our mission to help payers identify EMG/NCS studies that were not done by qualified individuals and those that fail to meet minimum standards. Our unique team includes board certified EMG physicians and certified nerve conduction technologists. We have developed proprietary software and methods that differentiate EMGs and NCSs done by well-trained doctors from the rest.

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      Two million bad studies per year

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      Payers spend one billion dollars on useless EMG studies

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      Fraudulent EMG and Nerve Conduction Studies are common.

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      4 billion is spent on unnecessary surgery and treatment

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      Every day thousands of patients endure unnecessary surgery

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      Others suffer because they did not receive the treatment they required!

    The EMG Problem

    CHART-ERRORSIn recent years, there has been an alarming trend in the field of electrodiagnostic medicine (electromyography and nerve conduction studies or EMG/NCS).  In an attempt to increase profitability, numerous individuals have seized the opportunity to perform this very important procedure without the appropriate training or equipment.


    The Solution

    caduceusElectromyography (EMG) and Nerve Conduction Studies (NCS) are invaluable diagnostic tools. When an injured worker sustains a possible neurologic injury, causing symptoms of pain, numbness, tingling, burning, or weakness, EMG and NCS provide the roadmap to locate and evaluate the type and severity of the injury, as well as to rule out other potential medical conditions.


    The Benefits

    thumbs-up-iconThere are eight million EMG/NCS studies performed per year at an average cost of 350 dollars.  Two million of those studies are poorly done.  One billion dollars is wasted every year on poorly performed studies.



    Poor Quality EMG studies are Rampant and Costly

    poor quality


    The estimated annual bill for EMG studies approximates 2.8 billion dollars.  The bulk of these studies are done by qualified, properly trained doctors, using the appropriate equipment.  This is changing however, as an increasing number of fraudulent EMG studies are being done by an increasing number of questionable gadgets that are coming into the market.
    This is an alarming occurrence that is happening more frequently.



    Was Your Last EMG Performed By A Qualified Physician?


    EMGs and nerve conduction studies are excellent tests if done correctly.  While they represent the “gold standard,” many physicians who rely on these studies have come to believe that they may actually represent “Fool’s gold.”  The reason that there is some doubt about their usefulness is that these tests are routinely being done poorly.  Unnecessary surgery may be performed everyday because of tests which were done improperly.  Why are these tests done poorly?



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    1500 Claim Form

    Send your electronic claims to us for a rapid automated analysis. We have developed proprietary software to identify claims that do not meet standard performance criteria. This software is based on policies...

    Physician Review

    Physician Review

    Unfortunately 25% of EMGs and nerve conduction studies provide useless and inaccurate information.  It is often necessary for an expert physician to look at the medical report to determine if the test...

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    We will consult with your organization about electromyography and related matters. Our consultants are all boarded in either physical medicine and rehabilitation or neurology and...