Poor Quality EMG Studies are Rampant and Costly

poor qualityThe estimated annual bill for EMG studies approximates 2.8 billion dollars. The bulk of these studies are done by qualified, properly trained doctors, using the appropriate equipment. This is changing however, as an increasing number of EMG studies are being performed by fraudulent operators. Additionally, there are numerous worthless gadgets and scams designed to allow untrained individuals to perform and bill for EMGs and nerve conduction studies. These tests are often done by untrained staff. Audits are often done by non-experts. Rules are rarely enforced.

According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services (CMS), 25% of nerve conduction studies are performed by non-specialists. This results in huge amounts of wasted healthcare dollars and unnecessary procedures and surgeries.

It is our mission to help payers identify EMG and nerve conduction studies that were not done by qualified individuals and those that fail to meet minimum standards. Our unique team includes EMG board certified physicians and certified nerve conduction technologists (CNCT). We have developed proprietary software and methods which will differentiate EMGs and nerve conduction studies done by well-trained doctors from the rest.

We know how to determine which EMG studies are being done properly and which ones simply provide no useful information. Let us help.

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