How to Submit Claims


How to Submit Claims:

    We support standard ANSI X12 837 institutional and professional electronic claim formats (both 4010 and 5010) and can also support other electronic formats, such as XML or fixed-width "flat file" formats.  Claims can be submitted in one of three ways:


        1. Claims may be uploaded to a Web interface via a browser, and results may be either viewed directly in the browser or downloaded in XML or other desired format.  This method is generally used for batch submission.

        2.  Claims may be uploaded programmatically via HTTPS, with results returned to the connecting program.  This method can be used for either single claim or batch submission.

        3.  Claims are uploaded to a designated Input directory, typically via SFTP.  When results are ready, they are placed in a designated Output directory.  This method is generally used for batch submission.


Feel free to have your technical team contact our technical department at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .